Jason Hebert


Politics Magazine recently named Jason Hebert as one of the Top 500 political influencers in America. He co-founded The Political Firm after managing the Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign in Louisiana and Colorado, winning key victories in both states. A former state Republican Party Executive Director and Political Director, Hebert is the veteran of over 350 campaigns in the last 22 years.

In addition to serving as General Consultant to Members of Congress, statewide and local elected officials, he has served as a political advisor to Fortune 500 companies and is a frequent guest lecturer to domestic and international groups seeking a better understanding on grassroots organization, strategy, public affairs, changing political trends and media communications.

Jason is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a B.A. in Political Science. Jason and his wife Lisa have two children, Jase and Jackson.

Scott Hobbs


An Okie who packed his ’88 Civic and moved to Baton Rouge in 1994 to finish his B.A. at LSU and start his education in real world politics, Scott has offered his time and talents to over 300 campaigns spanning 20 years and several states.

Armed with a legitimate poll, solid candidate/issue/cause and caffeine, Scott has been crafting the strategy, messages and ads for The Political Firm’s clients since co-founding the agency in 2006 (see site for samples).

In addition, as an Adjunct Professor at LSU’s Manship School of Journalism, Scott has recouped some of the tuition he paid to LSU while earning a Master’s in Mass Communication and, at the same time, helped provide students with insight into how political ads are constructed and why.

Scott is married to Lisa McMillan Hobbs and they have two children, Ethan and Olivia.

Korey Ryder


Korey is an associate at TPF and has, since 2014, served as an account manager and grassroots coordinator for clients ranging from mayor to the United States Congress. In this role, he creates ads, oversees distribution, and provides on-the-ground management for clients and candidates.

Since joining the team at TPF, he has taken a leading role in bringing clients and campaigns into the digital age through social media marketing and taking advantage of the latest data tools to maximize the GOTV side of the

Korey is a native of Oberlin, Louisiana, and a 2016 alumnus of LSU with a B.A. in Political Science. He attributes his love of politics and civic engagement to first walking neighborhoods for his dad’s town council races and his participation in Louisiana 4-H, FFA, and countless other extra-curricular activities as a youth.

John Ales


John has been an associate at TPF since June 2019. Before joining TPF, he served as the Finance Director and later as the Data Director for the Republican Party of Louisiana. He also worked with the RNC’s Victory operation for Rick Scott’s Senate campaign in Florida’s largest and most competitive county.

As a TPF associate, John focuses on making candidates look good. Whether through video production, designing mail pieces, or creating graphics that target specific voter universes on social media.

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